Leading manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia and India produce our portfolio of high quality pharmaceutical products, food supplements and devices.

We believe in providing products superior in efficacy, manufactured conforming to the highest international standards, at an affordable price. We are committed to constantly seek innovative product launches and outstanding active ingredients that have been successful in the medical fraternity. Radiant Health Care is the only registered company in Sri Lanka to import and market an innovative product such as Desmopressin - NAS spray for diabetic patients.

Our portfolio consists of a strong generic range of world class products, namely Etobard 90, Vitastar, Biomist ND, Bioclo, Hydrochlorothyazid, Lora, Beclogen, needles and sutures and devices related to both simple and complex surgery.

In addition, we also import popular Vita-M Multivitamin and Mineral Food Supplement as well as Biotrat.

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